Mongolia Embassy in London

Embassy of Mongolia in London

Mongolia Embassy in London

The Mongolian Embassy is a diplomatic mission in London and is appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia to develop and uphold the Mongolian interests in the United Kingdom. Below you will find the contact details of the embassy as well as the name of the Mongolian ambassador serving in London.

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Mongolian Embassy in London, the United Kingdom 7 Kensington Court London W8 5DL United Kingdom

Telephone Number:

(+44) 20 7937 0150 (+44) 20 7937 5238

Fax Number:

(+44) 20 7937 1117




Mr Bulgaa Altangerel - Ambassador

Office Hours:



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The Mongolian Embassy in London
is a diplomatic representative office appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia. The Mongolian Embassy in London is lead by Mr Bulgaa Altangerel - Ambassador of Mongolia to the United Kingdom.

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*Apart from the embassy in London, Mongolia has also a consulate in Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow.